We take a whole-body approach at R3 Health to meet all your lifestyle, beauty, and medical needs. Our team of experts employs integrative methods to develop personalized medical, health and wellness services, as we believe you deserve unique services for your personal requirements. We also combine the latest technology, natural substances, and regenerative therapies, enabling us to offer exceptional services to our clients.

Beauty Treatments and Dermal Fillers

We have a medical spa near Jupiter, FL, employing cutting-edge technology to deliver you the latest treatments. We have many options to choose from to restore your beautiful, youthful complexion, smooth out your wrinkles, and contour your face, among other benefits. Our services include: 

  • Facials: We will correct skin issues, breakouts, and clogged pores to do away with an aged appearance. Our team also addresses lack of firmness and treats pigmentation issues, all to help you maintain your healthy glow.
  • Dermal fillers: Aging is inevitable, and it comes with certain changes in your face, such as flattening of cheeks and sagging of the skin. The look is not appealing, and that’s why we have fillers to contour and lift the cheeks and lips and restore your beauty.
  • Wrinkle relaxer: We have wrinkle treatments to relax your muscles for a better appearance. Our med spa services are safe and have proven to help you reduce those wrinkles and restore your confidence.
  • Body contouring: We will help you shape and sculpt your body using our innovative aesthetic treatments. Using NuEra Tight Technology, we can customize solutions to fit your body requirements. The results of the process are natural-looking as we target your therapies to the proper tissue depth.

Medical Treatments

Our medical, health and wellness services near Jupiter, FL, help you achieve wellness and balanced health through whole-body medicine techniques and optimal nutrition. The following are some services we offer to keep your body healthy, manage the aging process and prevent chronic illness:

  • Integrative medicine: To deliver personalized services best for you, we do not simply check your symptoms and jump to conclusions. We consider your medical history, lifestyle, and goals before devising any treatment strategies. Our experts will identify and understand the cause of your problem using the latest data-gathering technology. We will then track your progress over time and decide whether to adjust or maintain your treatments for the best results.
  • Advanced nutrition: Nutrition and physical activity are one of the must-haves to achieve optimal wellness. Meeting nutritional requirements is not as hard as it actually seems. We will help you change your lifestyle and diet over time using slight changes and eventually make it a habit.
  • 3D body scanning: At R3 Health, we scan your body to ensure we get essential data for personalized solutions. We combine this data, your goals, and health risks to help you set a working fitness schedule for proven results.

Regenerative Treatments

Our minimally invasive and innovative regenerative therapies help you experience wellness in a new way. Our regenerative services include:

  1. Ozone therapy: We have various ozone therapies that treat fatigue, inflammation, and other chronic health conditions. Depending on your objectives, we choose the best treatment method for you, including intramuscularly, intravenously, and directly to the tissue. 
  2. Red light therapy: We can increase blood circulation, treat acne, and achieve all-over skin revitalization through light innovation. Our light therapy will also minimize your fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Hair restoration: We have a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that, by injecting plasma into your scalp, increases blood flow, hence activating hair growth. You will see results in just three treatments and a six-month or 12-month maintenance schedule. 

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At R3 Health’s location near Jupiter, FL, you will receive personalized services from our top-notch experts and advanced technology. Our many therapy options and aesthetic treatments reduce, heal and correct many beauty and health issues. Contact us today for our wellness solutions.