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Hair  Restoration

PRP Therapy is the right choice for your hair restoration needs

Hair Restoration

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PRP Therapy is the right choice for your hair restoration needs

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the plasma from your blood. PRP promotes healing since they contain growth factors and other proteins that can activate cells in the body, heal and regenerate new tissue, capillaries, and collagen. These growth factors promote faster healing and reduce inflammation.


PRP for Hair Loss:

PRP injections can trigger hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

The provider draws blood from the patient. Then the blood is placed into a centrifuge, which spins for 8 minutes, to separate the growth factors in the blood from the red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma is used, and the platelet poor plasma is discarded.

What to expect during hair PRP treatment

The entire process takes about 1 hour. When you arrive, the provider will draw your blood for the PRP and numb your scalp. The numbing and PRP process will take about 20 minutes. Once your PRP is processed and your scalp is numbed, the provider will start to microneedle the area. After the microneedling, the provider will inject directly into your numbed scalp with a small needle.

What to expect after hair PRP treatment

(Day of procedure): Moderate to severe redness, tight, sunburned sensation. Do not apply anything where you were treated. Only wash with water. Use PRP and what is told by your doctor. A cold compress can be applied to reduce swelling. Avoid alcohol and smoking for the next 72 hours.

Day 1-2: Moderate redness and swelling, similar to a sunburn. You can start to use shampoo and conditioner. It is recommended to use AQ growth factors. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Day 3: Some persistent redness and swelling may be present. Your scalp may start to peel- this is normal and do not exfoliate. Continue to stay out of direct sunlight.

Day 4: Most redness, bruising, and swelling should be diminished.

Day 5: Should return to normal appearance and small amounts of peeling.

How many PRP treatments will I need?

It is suggested to start with 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart. Then, maintenance treatments every 4-6 months from there.

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