How The O and P Shot Can Help Your Relationship

Even though we KNOW we should feel free to speak […]

Even though we KNOW we should feel free to speak openly to our doctors and medical professionals, it can be tough. When sensitive topics like sexual wellness and health need to be addressed, patients are hesitant to talk and feel awkward looking for solutions plaguing their intimate relationships. Let’s talk about the o and p shot and why they are so effective.

Sexual wellness and health is a topic vital to the health of the relationship with a partner. It is something that should never be pushed to the back burner; especially when options for treatment are within reach.

R3 Health offers help for those suffering from sex-related issues. In doing so, we help men and women increase sexual desire, performance, satisfaction and experience pain-free intercourse. This medically proven, safe and effective advancement is all possible because of a quick, in-office treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It allows for an increase sexual performance naturally, without any drugs or surgery…possibly for up to a year or more (results do vary individually).

PRP is done by extracting blood from a patient’s arm. Typically, this is the same amount extracted for a standard blood screening. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge in our office, at an intensely high speed. The spinning causes the blood to separate into layers. Stem cells and platelets (or growth proteins) are separated from red and white blood cells. By injecting the PRP formula back into the body, we are naturally able to release growth proteins into the affected area. The male’s PRP formula is injected into the penis and a woman’s treatment is injected into the clitoris and upper vagina.

I know you are thinking “How can this work?”, “Won’t it hurt?”, “Why would I do this to my penis/clitoris?”. Others are ready to schedule an appointment today for the o and p shot because suffering through sexual dissatisfaction or pain is not enjoyable. Relationship worries and sexual satisfaction are at the forefront and they want to know more about this single-day treatment. Let’s talk a little more about what PRP is and who it can help.

PRP is the body’s natural regeneration process to replace dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue. This procedure enables men to sexually perform like they did when they were in their prime. Men no longer have to worry about having a poor or unrewarding sex life. They will experience increased circulation resulting in the ability to achieve and keep a longer-lasting erection with increased sensation. Men no longer have to be concerned about size because PRP can in increase penis size.  Men no longer have to worry about not satisfying their partners because PRP is able to increase sexual stamina and lessen premature ejaculation.

In women, PRP works a little differently. The injection helps to stimulate the sensory area of the clitoris and upper vagina. It helps women who are unable to achieve orgasm have longer and better releases. As women age or after childbirth, their vaginal walls secrete less natural lubrication. This results in painful intercourse and painful, vaginal dryness. PRP injections allow for an increase in the natural lubrication production and increased sexual desire. Additionally, some women experience urinary incontinence as a result of childbirth and age. This can be an embarrassing situation when exercising, coughing or sneezing. This natural PRP procedure decreases stress incontinence with natural healing and the regeneration of cells. There is no synthetic or medicinal component in using PRP.

Most patients can return to normal activities the very same day after the o and p shot, including mild to moderate exercise and sexual activity. There is relatively no downtime or pain following treatment.  I must note that while results can be immediate, it may take several weeks to get the full range of benefits.

We can always discuss any concerns or questions you may have about these exciting and vanguard procedures in the office. Help your body and relationship with this natural and safe treatment. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today!

Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™