Peptide Guide2022-05-26T16:30:52-04:00
Is your peptide package hot? Don’t panic, it is okay.2021-07-29T16:26:01-04:00

Peptides can be left off of ice for up to 7 days and still be viable. When you receive your package, please refrigerate upon arrival before usage.

Always look out for “discard after” date !2021-07-29T16:22:33-04:00

Some peptides have a shorter shelf life than others. Therefore, to insure your safety and health please refer to the “discard after” date at the bottom middle of the label on your prescription bottle.

Peptide Syringe Guide2021-07-29T16:28:28-04:00

Your insulin syringes are measured in units. If instructions on peptide are written in mL instead of units, move the decimal place two places to the right for unit measurement. Feel free to call your physician for further explanation.

How To Inject Peptides2021-07-29T16:28:36-04:00

– Tap the syringe gently to remove any air bubbles to get the most accurate measurements.
– Clean the injection site, directed by physician, and hold the syringe at a 90 degree angle.
– With the other hand, pinch the skin at the injection sight.
– After the syringe goes in, remove your hand from the pinched area, make sure the needle stays in while you slowly push the plunger all
the way down.
– Pull out the syringe at the same angle as injected.
– Use a piece of gauze to rub on the injection site for 30 seconds. Bleeding may occur.

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