• Remove the colored flip-off caps from vials and use two alcohol swabs provided to swipe the tops of both the drug & diluent vials, swiping in one direction & discard alcohol wipes
  • Using the syringe & needle provided, withdraw the appropriate amount of diluent needed’ and inject into vial of lyophilized powder, aiming against the glass wall to avoid foaming of solution. Be sure to remove any visible air bubbles from needle hub of the syringe.
  • Gently SWIRL the vial in a circular motion until powder is dissolved. Do NOT shake.
  • With each dose, wipe stopper of each vial with a new alcohol swab and use a new dosing syringe for each injection.
  • Refrigerate solution and discard any remaining portion after 28 days.
  • *The amount of diluent required may vary based upon your dose. Check with prescribing physician or pharmacist if unsure how much to use.

    • Wash hands with soap and water.
    • Clean injection site skin by wiping outward concentric circles with an alcohol wipe.
    • Wipe top of vial with alcohol pad and remove syringe with needle attached to it out of packaging.
    • Pull plunger back, filling it with the same amount of air as the amount of hormones you want to inject
      ( e.g. 0.5, 0.25, lml, etc.) . Insert the needle into hormones vial, and push air out of the syringe.
    • Pull plunger back to desired amount, filling with hormones. Then pull needle out of vial. Pull back plunger
      a little to get extra hormones out of the needle.
    • Switch to smaller gauge needle, making sure the needle is attached tightly. (Higher number= smaller
      needle thickness or gauge)
    • Push plunger in until a small bead of hormones is released from tip of needle. This will ensure no air is
      left in the syringe (which can seriously harm you if you inject it)
    • Insert needle, bevel up, into the skin and push plunger down slowly:
    • For Intramuscular injection: Insert deep into muscle at a 90 degree angle. (Do not pinch skin.)
    • For Subcutaneous injection: Pinch skin together and insert needle into fatty layer of skin at a 45
      degree angle.
    • Pull syringe out and dispose in sharps container (or detergent bottle or coffee can, if you do not have access to a medical sharps container).

    Preferred Self-Injection sites:
    IM (deep Muscle): Thigh
    SubQ (fatty tissue): Abdomen