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R3 Health offers members secure and safe VIP med spa services to address their medical, lifestyle, and health concerns. We achieve our “whole-body” strategy for every member by combining advanced treatments, tailored wellness programs, and the most recent technologies.


We provide our clients with beauty, regenerative, and medical services. 


Why Med Spa Services?

R3 Health brings an individual and holistic approach to our customers to tackle their well-being and beauty needs. You are entitled to a personalized health plan that will assist you in achieving your objectives. We attain this through a blend of natural care and advanced technology. We also guide you through every step of this journey.


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Our Services in Lake Worth

We offer regenerative, beauty, and medical treatments at our Lake Worth location.


Beauty Treatments

  • Skin resurfacing: We provide proven and advanced technologies for skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing treatment.
  • Body contouring: Our specialists tailor your therapies to reduce cellulite, reduce wrinkles, reduce fat, and tighten your skin.
  • OxyGeneo: Anti-aging therapies restore your skin’s youthful radiance. We exfoliate, infuse the skin with natural and powerful ingredients, and oxygenate it.
  • Microneedling: R3 Health’s collagen induction treatment treats skin tone, texture, discoloration, acne scars, and fine wrinkles
  • Wrinkle relaxer: Botox® and Xeomin® injections smooth out undesirable wrinkles and lines.
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin & Platelet Rich Plasma facials (PRP & PRF): Collagen creation, skin thickness renewal, connective tissue repair, and skin tightening are all benefits of this treatment. It’s great for wrinkles and sagging around the eyes, chin, cheeks, neck, chest, and hands.


Medical Treatments

  • Hormone therapy: This treatment aids your body’s ability to heal itself by enhancing its capacity to keep the required balance.
  • Integrative medicine: R3 Health’s experts employ cutting-edge biochemical measurements to figure your body out and pinpoint the source of your medical issues.
  • Biomarker testing: R3 Health’s in-depth testing examines your urine, blood, and saliva for vital markers like aging, cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, and nutrition.
  • Advanced nutrition: Our personalized nutrition plans help you live a healthier life overall.
  • IV therapy: Our professional personnel can create tailor-made IV cocktails that assist you in regaining your youthful appearance and vitality.
  • 3D body scanning: Cutting-edge scans provide our doctors with vital information about your body. They are then able to customize therapies to meet your fitness levels.


Regenerative Treatments

  • Ozone therapy: To address chronic health disorders like inflammation, exhaustion, and more, we introduce ozone into the body of a client.
  • Stem cell therapy: These treatments enable regeneration of the damaged body cells to heal various medical illnesses, injuries, and the consequences of aging.
  • Orthopedic therapy: We use PRP injections to treat tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and meniscal tears.
  • Red light therapy: R3 Health’s approach improves skin, speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, and aids in the treatment of hypertension by increasing blood oxygenation and circulation.
  • PRP therapy: R3 Health’s numerous plasma therapies encourage fast healing by assisting injured body parts.
  • Hair restoration: R3 Health’s PRP injections help your body’s ability to regrow hair on its own by activating hair follicles and boosting blood flow.


Why Choose Us

Personalized healthcare, we believe, is fundamental to achieving balanced and optimal wellness. It aids in the prevention of chronic diseases and aging process management. R3 Health has gone to great lengths to establish a medspa services community in West Palm Beach, FL, that encourages and supports our members at every point of their health journey.


Start a Service

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R3 Health’s med spa services look after your entire body with regenerative, medical, and beauty therapies. Our approach assists you in self-healing through complete care programs based on detailed assessments such as scans and biometrics. Additionally, our professionals provide various regenerative services to help you reverse the effects of aging for you to feel and look your best. You can reach us in Lake Worth, FL, or the South Florida area.