The True Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Are you sick of your doctor not addressing all of […]

Are you sick of your doctor not addressing all of your concerns? Does your doctor even really know who you are?
Don’t be a victim of a “tunnel vision” approach to healthcare. There is a better option out there. Here in lies, Concierge medicine, and its not just for the rich and famous.
Concierge medicine provides custom, individualized, preventative healthcare. Imagine, having the capability of reaching your healthcare provider anytime you had a late night emergency or needed to know about a vitamin you want to start taking. Imaging not having to wait in a waiting room filled of sick people only to have 5 minutes with your doctor.
Imagine a world where you can have 24/7 access to a team of healthcare professionals. Imagine having the options to focus in on prevention and learn about more natural alternatives to harmful medication and dreaded invasive surgery. Concierge medicine allows for you and your  provider to really address your entire body. NO more needing to go to 5 different offices to see 5 different providers. Concierge medicine allows  for one person to fully manage all of your health concerns. IN the event, a true sub-specialty is needed, your concierge provider can help coordinate and even attend the specialty visit with you! Your concierge provider is not just a medical provider, but ultimately a long term friend!
At R3 Health, we specialize in affordable, custom, individualized, preventative healthcare for everyone. We do not want money to be the reason that you cannot have complete, natural, all-inclusive healthcare!

Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™