Why Get The Drip?

Oftentimes, our normal dietary intake is not sufficient enough to […]

Oftentimes, our normal dietary intake is not sufficient enough to maintain our body’s normal function let alone, an athlete who repeatedly stresses their body and depletes their nutrient levels. Often times, even athletes who supplement with vitamins often times have chronic inflammatory issues that hinder their bodies capability to absorb their nutrients. Have you heard of an IV drip?

So the basic concept is that the faster an athlete can replenish lost nutrients and fluids, the better the recovery will be. During an intense workout or race it is much harder for an athlete to recover the fluids and then muscle recovery is delayed. With especially runners the blood flow does not flow to the stomach but instead the muscles and this can cause our bodies to not digest and absorb nutrients. Sometimes after a race these runners with try to conventionally rehydrate with drink supplements, which will only absorb about 50 percent of the nutrients unlike IV’s. IV’s rehydrate and replenish lost nutrients at a much faster level because you are getting it directly to the blood stream. This allows rehydration and replacing nutrients to actually happen and at a much faster rate. Most of the time regular hydration is adequate for a young healthy runner but for the intense athlete or the regular ‘ol Joe runner’, an IVdrip is a much better alternative for recovery.

What Does an IV drip Contain? Dextrose fluids, which essentially is sugar water easily digestible by the body and aids in recovery. A whole host of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, alkalinizing agents aid in boosting energy production, boosting the immune system, lowering inflammation, and stimulating muscle repair. Also incorporated are Amino Acids, which help with building muscle by forming much needed proteins, to aid in muscle recovery.

While some runners stick with their typical $5 drink from Whole Foods to rehydrate them after races, we have had great success with these “miracle” drips. One of our top patients Anthony, who is a 39-year-old seasoned triathlete states “I never feel as good as when I get my IV drips before and after”. Until he started to rehydrate with us here, he told us he felt exhausted, drained, and utterly “blah” after his races. When he started doing these IVs a few years back he says that it was amazing how he felt more alive and recovered when doing the IVs versus trying to hydrate the traditional way.

These IVs are excellent for helping restore these athletes to the shape they were in before the race with speedy recovery, a sense of relaxation, and overall energy. IVs are no replacement for someone who is having severe issues of hydration like heat stroke, hypothermia, cardiac issues. These treatments are ideal for everyone but especially help marathon runners, Ironman triathletes, adventurists, and any sports athlete.

RenewU Medical IV Drip Runner Specials

Recovery Drips $119

Athlete Prep Drip $119

Glutathione Drip $75

Amino Injections $25

Recovery Drip, Hormone Assessment, and Comprehensive Blood Panel $199

*with health insurance

Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™