Why Testosterone Therapy Isn’t Working For You

Facts About Testosterone Testosterone Therapy Isn’t Working? Believe it or […]

Facts About Testosterone

Testosterone Therapy Isn’t Working? Believe it or not, testosterone is NOT only for men. In fact, testosterone is arguably MORE important for women than men. Women have a very limited supply of testosterone (especially as they age). When women lose the little bit of testosterone they have available, it causes more disruption to the woman’s body and physiology versus a man who has a much higher abundance of testosterone. This same age-related decline of testosterone also happens in men. Believe it or not, in men, this age decline in testosterone production starts happening as early as 30 years old!

Testosterone Therapy Isn’t Working; There is a lot of very POOR information on the internet about testosterone and its effects, usages, dosages, etc. Even medical professionals have been ‘programmed’ to think poorly about testosterone and not understand HOW CRITICAL this hormone actually is. Did you know that testosterone actually has more systemic (meaning it affects cellular physiology) than most people even know? Having healthy and optimized testosterone levels is actually anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, helps maintain bone mineral density and healthy joints, aids in digestion. It also has major effects on the central nervous system— so things like mood, sleep, concentration, focus all can be enhanced, not to mention, the obvious wonderful effects it has to our sexual health. One of the main reasons we want to help people optimize their hormones is all the anti-aging and longevity benefits that hormones bring to our body’s function and overall quality of life!

What is also VERY important to understand is that there is a
CORRECT WAY and an INCORRECT WAY to use and optimize these hormones. There are
many facilities that “treat hormones” but these “Hormone Mills” quite often get
this entire thing wrong and do not have well-qualified individuals creating
custom and individualized hormone programs rather than an underqualified sales
person trying to sell a pre-determined ‘treatment script’ that will not help
your bodies UNIQUE needs! It is also very important ALL the different forms of
testosterone therapy may be used!

Different Forms of Testosterone

Bioidentical Testosterone

This is the plant-derived form of testosterone that is 100% the same hormone that we have in our bodies which ensures that no side effects or long-term negative consequences can arise. This form is quite often used in women and is typically dosed in a topical cream that is applied to the skin daily. But don’t worry, it can NOT transfer to others as the hormone is ‘lipotropic’ meaning it transfers through the fat pores in our skin! There are both men’s and woman’s doses of bioidentical topical testosterones. Other forms of Bioidentical testosterone include capsules and troches (under the tongue dissolvable)

Injectable Testosterone

These more aggressive forms of testosterone are typically ONLY used in men and must be part of an all-encompassing hormone balancing program otherwise there can be possible long-term negative and detrimental effects. In fact, one of the worst things that can happen in men is to be injecting testosterone BY ITSELF! This almost always will ensure long term suppression of the body’s natural ability to make testosterone naturally. This is a scenario we see ALL TOO OFTEN!

Proprionate: This ‘Ester’ of testosterone has the quickest ‘half-life’ meaning how much time it stays active in our bodies. This half life can range from 12-24 hours.

Enanthate: This Ester of testosterone has the next shortest half life. This half life can last from 1-3 days.

Cypionate: This Ester of testosterone has the longest half life. This half life can range from 4-7 days.


Compounded Blends of Injectable Testosterone:

These forms of testosterone often will ‘mix’ together the various forms of testosterone, sometimes combining enanthate with cypionate, or mix all three of the esters together.

Not all hormones and products are created equal

Testosterone Therapy Isn’t Working? It is also important to understand that these injectable preparations also are mixed in with different oil bases; some can be cotton seed, grapeseed, or sesame oil. Some men will respond differently to testosterone preparations based on the oil base the hormone is typically mixed into, and again, some bases are BETTER than others! You also need to be very weary of compounded forms of testosterone as NOT ALL COMPOUNDED PHARMACIES ARE CREATED EQUAL! There are different licensures, certifications and equipment that these facilities can use to prepare, process, and measure the amount of hormone, quality of mixing, and dose that is actually being dispensed!

It is of the MOST importance to properly understand the physiology of hormones as these are VERY powerful substances and if they are not used correctly while being monitored, they can do more harm than good for both men and woman! For both men and woman, it becomes very critical to ensure proper stimulation of the body’s own natural ability to make testosterone, control and regulate the BALANCING of other hormones like estrogen, DHT, PSA, IGF1, Prolactin. As well as making sure that you are using the HIGHEST quality of products and ingredients to ensure no negative side effects!

Here at R3 Health, we specialize in putting together a custom and individualized Hormone Optimization programs using NOTHING but the highest quality components.

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Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™