Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness

Your company is only as successful as its employees, so why not give them the tools to be exceptional? Enhanced Productivity Begins Here.

A Deliverable That Yields Results

Corporate Wellness benefits are gaining popularity amongst companies. In fact, by implementing wellness benefit programs, employers save money on healthcare spending. Statistics show that by investing in your employees via wellness spending, employees have been utilizing fewer sick days and many feel more productive while at work.

R3 Self Help | Corporate Wellness

 Expected returns on preventative health plan investments with R3 Health:

  • Improved Cognitive function
  • Improved Mood and stress management
  • Improved Response to seasonal allergies or viral infections (cold, flu, etc)
  • Sleep cycle regulation
  • Decreased lethargy/fatigue
  • Improved sense of overall wellbeing

Deciding What Corporate Plan Works Best For Your Company

R3 Health’s Corporate Wellness program mimics all other aspects of our practice. It is customizable and able to be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, whether you have 5 employees, all local to Palm Beach or 150 employees spread across the country. We have four monthly plans that all build upon each other to offer differing benefits to employees at different tiers.


The Fundamental plan was designed to cover the basics at R3 Health- consultations and follow ups. Corporate wellness plans allow your employees to check their biomarkers and meet with our team to understand what can be influencing their fatigue or impeding their effectiveness in the workplace. This plan includes formulation of custom treatment plans, check-ins with our medical team quarterly, and monthly wellness meetings with our dietitian for lifestyle counseling to ensure they are making daily decisions to promote optimal health.


The Balance plan offers all of the same benefits of the fundamental plan while also including a quarterly wellness stipend for your employees to use towards their individualized corporate wellness treatment plan.


The Transform plan takes the wellness benefits from fundamental and balance and increases the monthly wellness stipend for your employee over 30%. Also included is a monthly state-of-the-art 3D body composition scan for your employee to track their progress.


The Evolve plan is our highest tier monthly benefit plan and offers your employee all of the benefits of the three other wellness programs along with two custom IVs per quarter.

our patient's success is our top priority

Creating a Long-Lasting, Healthy Relationship

We want to ensure the best outcomes, which means forming a long-lasting relationship with open lines of communication. The R3 Health team wants to know how you are doing! There is no update or question too small; our team encourages active communication so we can accurately track your progress and note any setbacks so can consistently deliver you the best healthcare. In addition to open lines of communication, we champion for repeating our entire wellness check every three months to ensure we are always addressing your unique and ever changing needs.

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