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Personalized, Integrative Medicine

Medicine is not one-size-fits-all. At R3 Health, our medical team takes a whole-body, personalized, and integrative medicine approach to address your preventative wellness and longevity goals or alternatively find the root cause of clinical ailments.


The human body is miraculous and even more interconnected than you might think. In order to take care of your symptoms or achieve any goals you set with us, we need to understand and identify what is going on throughout your entire body.


An integrative approach means utilizing traditional medical tools while also incorporating alternative therapies such as IV therapy, nutraceuticals and supplements, hormone replacement therapy, peptides, and non-invasive regenerative procedures.


You are unique. And so is how your body operates. Many times, the reason for weight gain, fatigue, cognitive decline, blood pressure irregularities, and other symptoms are different for every person. Because of your biological uniqueness, we believe that we need to understand what makes you, you. This means studying and understanding your biochemistry, your lifestyle, your family history, and your environment to create a personalized integrative medicine approach to your healthcare and best determine how we can help support your body.

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Check your Biochemistry

Our comprehensive, R3 Health New Patient Blood Work gives our medical providers an intensive look at key markers that determine the status of your health. These include systemic functions like kidney and liver status, inflammation markers, hormone levels, micronutrient levels such as B12 and Vitamin D, immune system function, and more

Meet With a Member of Our Medical Team

In-person or virtually. During the consultation process, you and your R3 Health Medical Provider will have an in-depth review of the results of your bloodwork. They will also discuss with you relevant family history, current medications, lifestyle choices. This conversation helps establish your wellness goals, both short and long term, and how we can help you achieve them.

Receive Your Personalized Recommendations

After your consultation is completed, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your newly curated treatment protocol. Your dedicated coordinator will explain all of the recommendations and what they are going to help address, based on your wellness goals. Once deciding on the treatment plan that works best for you and your lifestyle, they will assist in getting all of your recommended medications and supplements sent directly to you.

Begin Your Wellness Journey

After you have received your recommendations, your dedicated coordinator will send you a treatment calendar that establishes the times and dates medications, supplements, and injectables, should be taken or administered. During this organizational process, your coordinator will schedule any in-office recommendations such as meeting with our staff dietitian for on-going lifestyle counseling and all medical follow-ups, intravenous therapies, MedHouse modalities, or minimally invasive procedures. Along with treatment calendars and scheduling, your coordinator will send you helpful links to patient resources that will help you get organized and transition into your wellness plan as easily as possible. We understand that this may be a new process for a lot of people, so we ensure our dedicated team is always just an email, phone call, or quick visit to the office away to walk you through any questions you may have!

Get started on your Wellness & Longevity Journey!
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Creating a Long-Lasting, Healthy Relationship

We want to ensure the best integrative medicine outcomes, which means forming a long-lasting relationship with open lines of communication. The R3 Health team wants to know how you are doing! There is no update or question too small; our integrative medicine team encourages active communication so we can accurately track your progress and note any setbacks so can consistently deliver you the best healthcare. In addition to open lines of communication, we champion for repeating our entire wellness check every three months to ensure we are always addressing your unique and ever changing needs.

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