Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

At R3 Health, we believe that Stem Cell therapy is the future of medicine. By utilizing the most powerful cells in the human body, we are able to assist your body in repairing damaged tissue in hopes of avoiding invasive procedures or deteriorating health conditions. In our West Palm Beach flagship office, we offer an array of minimally invasive stem cell therapies that can help you achieve your wellness goals. These include the use of autologous and/or allogenic stem cells.

Autologous Stem Cells

Unlock your body’s natural healing potential with autologous stem cell therapy. By performing a minimally invasive, in-office bone marrow extraction, our team of regenerative medicine experts are able to isolate your own adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). After being isolated, these powerful cells are able to be administered for varying therapeutic benefits. 

A question we get asked often is, why use my own stem cells when I’m already [x] years old? To us, there is nothing that knows how to heal your body more efficiently! You currently have millions of adult MSCs circulating throughout your body, helping get all of the life sustaining functions completed properly. Without these cells, your body simply would cease to function. 

Another question we tend to get asked after that is, if I already have these cells circulating why do the procedure? The benefit of the minimally invasive procedure is we are isolating cells that are existing in storage and putting them to work! 

Perhaps the greatest benefit to these cells is that they know your body. They are aware of what is natural to you vs what isn’t or what damaged tissue needs assistance in the repair process. Because these cells are your own and they know your body they have an extremely high safety profile, making autologous stem cell procedures a safe and effective way to help optimize your health.

Allogenic Stem Cells

Allogeneic stem cell products are isolated from donor tissue. At R3 Health, we utilize donor cells and extracellular vesicles derived from both the amniotic fluid and the umbilical cord of donors. With donated tissue, all participants are thoroughly screened throughout the donation process as well as extensively tested throughout the laboratory isolation and growth process. Due to these measures, allogenic stem cells have an incredibly high safety profile. 

As the donated tissue is processed in FDA compliant laboratories, scientists are able to isolate different parts of the amniotic fluid and umbilical cord to grow different cell types. These include:

Wharton's Jelly

Wharton's Jelly helps provide cushioning and support to the area it is administered. Filled with growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and proteins, wharton’s jelly is a great biologic option to help your body signal and repair damaged tissues.


Exosomes are incredibly small components found within a cell that have a very powerful job to do. Exosomes help deliver important biological materials throughout the cell to ensure proper function. When isolated on their own to be used for therapeutic purposes, exosomes work to strengthen cell-to-cell communication. This starts a conversation with other cells that are essential to the healing process, bringing them to the area of damaged tissue or inflammation.


Cytosomes are newly used in the field of regenerative medicine, and they are already having a huge impact. Like exosomes, cytosomes are incredibly small components found within a cell. These extracellular vesicles are used for cell-to-cell communication, similar to exosomes, however research shows that cytosomes have shown promising immunological benefits.

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Creating a Long-Lasting, Healthy Relationship

We want to ensure the best outcomes, which means forming a long-lasting relationship with open lines of communication. The R3 Health team wants to know how you are doing! There is no update or question too small; our team encourages active communication so we can accurately track your progress and note any setbacks so can consistently deliver you the best healthcare. In addition to open lines of communication, we champion for repeating our entire wellness check every three months to ensure we are always addressing your unique and ever changing needs.

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