Sexual Wellness

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Sexual Wellness

Talking sex does not have to feel taboo, awkward, or uncomfortable. At R3 Health, we strive to create an approachable and collaborative conversation about how we can elevate your sex life. By taking a judgment-free, discreet approach to addressing your sexual wellness concerns you’ll never have to settle for underwhelming sex again.

How to Achieve Great Sex

The best part is that this solution is that there are a variety of options for both men and women. Our office offers the following sexual wellness solutions:

 Dissolvable Tablets
 Nasal Sprays

Contributing Factors

There are a couple of contributing factors that may be impeding your sexual wellness. There can be physical barriers, cognitive barriers, or a combination of them both. Poor blood flow or subdued arousal can be preventing you from having really great sex. Our team of medical experts have created individualized solutions to best meet your needs.

Physical and Cognitive Components

The infamous little blue pill is no longer your only option for better sex. Until now, there has been no solution that accounts for both the physical and the cognitive components of sex. We have found that by blending traditional erectile dysfunction medications with cognitive stimulating peptides and hormones, we are able to create a sexual experience unlike any other.

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Creating a Long-Lasting, Healthy Relationship

We want to ensure the best outcomes, which means forming a long-lasting relationship with open lines of communication. The R3 Health team wants to know how you are doing! There is no update or question too small; our team encourages active communication so we can accurately track your progress and note any setbacks so can consistently deliver you the best healthcare. In addition to open lines of communication, we champion for repeating our entire wellness check every three months to ensure we are always addressing your unique and ever changing needs.

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