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212, 2020

In-Office vs. At-Home Hair Restoration: Which One is Right For You?

Hair loss — it’s a concern for approximately 320 million people in the U.S. On average one in five Americans will experience thinning and balding as they age — with 50% of all women and a whopping 85% of men having significantly thinner hair by the age of 50. Luckily science has come a long way in the treatment and reversal of hair ...

1011, 2020

Peptides: The Different Types & Choosing The Right One For You

People have been touting the benefits of peptides as the new miracle cure to hack your life — so what’s the hype? From healing sports injuries to weight loss to anti-aging treatments, we see peptides being recommended for a variety of uses to add vitality to your life. So what are peptides exactly? They are small chains of amino acids that our bodies ...

2710, 2020

What You Need to Know About Your Hormone Therapy Options (FDA APPROVED)

Hormone Therapy Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT) can have numerous health benefits. From low T to menopause to endometriosis — hormone therapy can help alleviate symptoms of common ailments and so much more! Let’s face the facts: there are both good and bad ways to incorporate Hormone Replacement Therapy into your wellness journey. The US Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the use ...

1907, 2020

R3 Health | Renewing Ourselves

RenewU Medical is now R3 HEALTH. My personal goal as a healthcare provider has always been to create a patient-centered wellness and medical community, delivering full-fledged total body Integrative medicine. By taking every measure to create a medical, beauty, and wellness journey for our patients, we have successfully grown throughout the years - thanks to you! At this time, we are excited to share ...

1806, 2020

Styku Body Scanner

STYKU 3D BODY SCANNER IS THE NEW GOLD STANDARD IN HEALTH ASSESSMENT When they hear the term “3D,” most people tend to think of movies or television. However, there’s another application of three-dimensional technology that is revolutionizing healthcare and wellness. With the state-of-the-art Styku 3D body scanner, physicians, weight loss specialists, and fitness professionals can extract key body shape and measurements with incredible accuracy ...

1004, 2020

Why Testosterone Therapy Isn’t Working For You

Facts About Testosterone Testosterone Therapy Isn't Working? Believe it or not, testosterone is NOT only for men. In fact, testosterone is arguably MORE important for women than men. Women have a very limited supply of testosterone (especially as they age). When women lose the little bit of testosterone they have available, it causes more disruption to the woman’s body and physiology versus a man ...

2303, 2020

Immune Boosting Strategies: Stem Cells Defeating Covid-19

Two basic nutrients may hold the key to slowing this pandemic In these uncertain times in dealing with a medical pathogen that is unrecognizable and has not been studied; we focus our treatment on stimulating and boosting the body's immune system. What we do know is that a healthy immune system is one of the most critical components to slow the progression of this ...

1001, 2020

Natural Pain Relief

Natural Back Pain Therapies Do you want Natural Pain Relief? Utilizing your body's natural healing powers to relieve pain that's slowing you down Have you tried Stem Cell Therapy? Cutting Edge Regenerative Medicine Today, the leading cause of workplace disability is low back pain. Despite the availability of medications, therapies and surgical options, patients continue to suffer devastating pain that consumes every moment and can ...

912, 2019

You Can’t Live Without This Number One Antioxidant

Right now, as you’re reading this, something amazing is going on inside your body. Certain compounds are at work, protecting you from free radicals that can damage your cells, causing illness and aging. These compounds are what are known as antioxidants. Antioxidants like glutathione can be highly effective in warding off everything from colds and viruses to cancer. That is, if you have enough ...

1109, 2019

Women: Put the Fireworks Back Into Your Sex Life

Women Sex Boost: Little, if any, interest in sexual activity Few, if any, sexual thoughts or fantasies A disinterest in initiating sex Difficulty deriving pleasure from sex A lack of pleasurable sensations when genitals are stimulated But if you think losing your sexual verve is an inevitable part of aging or a natural consequence of going through your “changes,” think again. There’s no reason ...

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