Discover The Power of Comprehensive Wellness

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Discover The Power of Comprehensive Wellness. 

At R3 Health, our mission is to create a wellness ecosystem; a place where any tool needed to enhance your health and wellness is easily accessible. Following this mission allows us the opportunity to work with many different synergistic companies that supplement the integrative care we offer here at R3 Health. 

Our Medical Partnerships

 We are excited to work with several different outstanding companies in the health and wellness space. These include Prenuvo, Sollis Health, and MedHouse. By working with these companies, we can streamline access to their services for our patients. We opted to work with these companies because at their core, we believe them to be an extension of the values and care we deliver.


 Prenuvo is an imaging company that offers preventative whole-body MRIs. This preventative diagnostic tool takes thousands of images of the patient’s body, from head to toe, and analyzes them using board-certified radiologists. The radiologist’s review the images and check for over 500 conditions and early-stage diseases. These include, but are not limited to, aneurysms, brain abnormalities, cancer, cysts, enlarged organs, hernias, inflamed tissues, kidney stones, liver disease, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, and tumors.

 Our team of medical providers receive the reports and can review them and make suggestions to your treatment with us based on the findings. For example, if a report shows a torn ligament in the patient’s knee, our team can recommend regenerative modalities like peptide therapy or localized PRP injections to help your body heal itself before the patient develops symptoms from the newly diagnosed injury. Preventative care delivered like never before.

 Our partnership with Prenuvo allows our patients priority scheduling. Our time is the most valuable commodity- especially when it comes to your health. General scheduling with Prenuvo can have wait times of up to two-months. As an R3 Health client, we can get your scan scheduled in as soon as two-days. Another perk of this partnership is our preferred price of $2,250. When ordered through R3 Health, our patients save hundreds off the retail price of the scan. Our patients have access to these perks not only at the South Florida location, but at any of the 9 Prenuvo locations across America and Canada. 

Sollis Health  

Emergencies and urgent health issues happen. Known for long wait times and an uninviting, chaotic environment, traditional facilities that manage this type of care leave a lot to be desired.  We have found the best solution for our patients to access the very best of this class of care, Sollis Health. Sollis Health is a members only urgent care and emergency medicine facility with locations open 24 hours, seven days a week. Handling anything from stitches, sick visits, X-rays for possible broken limbs, laboratory testing, and so much more in a comfortable and inviting environment. Best of all, there are minimal wait times. Our patients have access to all 11 Sollis Health locations in South Florida, New York, and California, along with their Telehealth offerings.

We have partnered with Sollis Health to give our patients access to preferred rates for memberships and membership renewals. Pricing varies depending on age if you are enrolling with family members or not. On average, our clients can expect to save around $1,000 on their annual membership fees. 

In an emergency, our team would rather put our care in the hands of Sollis Health than the emergency department of the local hospital. We are excited to offer our patients the same opportunity. 


Where wellness meets community. The MedHouse team has curated a space that is not only welcoming, but also a biohackers and wellness enthusiasts paradise. With the motto Your Health Our World, MedHouse was designed to bring people together to engage in cutting-edge wellness antidotes like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared light beds, sauna cocoons, cryotherapy, and so much more. Their goal is to promote engagement with equipment and peers, learn from each other, and ultimately thrive in an environment of like minded, wellness centric individuals.

We have partnered with MedHouse to expand our philosophy of creating educated and empowered patients. Each month, MedHouse hosts a lecture series where leaders in the local wellness community come together to speak on a topic and host a vibrant discussion. As an R3 Health patient, you have access to these engaging members only events.

Our Partnerships Have Been Chosen With Our Patients In Mind.

Our goal is to offer elite wellness care to our patients. This is achieved by engaging with synergistic companies that generate important medical data, enhance traditional experiences, and curate environments where everyone learns and grows. We are excited to see how adding these wellness services to your routine will continue to elevate your health. 

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