Is This The Most Important Supplement for Your Health?

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Getting Back To Basics: Why A Multivitamin is the Most Important Supplement for Your Health.

In today’s wellness culture there is a supplement for just about everything. Feeling bloated? We’ve got a supplement for that! Having a hard time falling asleep? Don’t worry, we’ve got a supplement for that too! At R3 Health, we love the specificity of modern supplements because it makes personalized medicine so much more approachable. However, with the plethora of options for supplements some of the basics can easily get forgotten. 

 The multivitamin dates back to the 1940s and started gaining traction as a household staple in the 1950s (1). A lot has happened since 1950, but one thing remains true; multivitamins are just as important today as they were back then. Since its inception, the multivitamin was designed to be a comprehensive solution to meet the body’s essential nutrient needs. Essential nutrients are needed for many biological functions but are not made by the body. This means that there is a need to get these nutrients from a supplemental source. We encourage our patients to engage in a nutrient dense diet, however it can still be quite difficult to get everything the body needs to function optimally. 

 The multivitamin is crucial for achieving optimal health. This is because modern day formulations have made multivitamins extremely comprehensive to ensure the patient is getting all vital nutrient needs. The R3 Health multivitamin not only has vitamins and minerals, but it also has vitamin-like compounds, herbal supplements, and amino acids. 

 The benefit of a multivitamin is that it is helping support your body function as it should. Vitamins and minerals are needed to perform thousands of biochemical functions that must take place for us to live. In fact, a recently published study evaluating thousands of patients showed that individuals who took daily multivitamins were cognitively more intact than the patients offered the placebo treatment (2). 

 In a modern world where there is a supplement for everything, make sure you’re not forgetting your basics! Multivitamins are invaluable for optimal whole-body health.


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