Not ALL Medical providers are created equal!!!

In the world of Functional and Integrative medicine, we have […]

In the world of Functional and Integrative medicine, we have VERY different Philosophies, Ideologies, and Interpretation of results and diagnostic imaging compared to conventional US healthcare. Unfortunately, It is very difficult for patients in the US, to make educated, informed decisions about their health and long-term goals. This is especially frustrating for people who are healthy or may want to speak with their doctor about keeping themselves that way! Think about it………

You sit in a waiting room, for usually 30+ minutes, with people who are sick and coughing on you, and blowing their noses in your face… Only to then be handed off to a Medical Assistant who brings you into an exam room… Where you sit for another 30+ minutes waiting for your doctor in a germ-infested exam room. And just about, when your ready to walk out due to boredom, your provider walks in, barely knowing your name or why your there to see them. As the provider quickly shuffles through your chart, you are attempting to speak to them, only to wonder, if they are even hearing what your saying?! After about 10 minutes of you feeling like your babbling on, the provider then spends the next 5-10 minutes, trying to address your concerns… Then before you know, they are out the door, and you are on your way out either with a prescription in your hand, or an appointment to come back in a month………….

That scenario, although slightly exaggerated, happens all too often in the US. The conventionally trained physician is so restricted and must adhere to certain time restraints in order to meet the demands of Insurance companies. This type of practice only allows for reactive action!

For those of us, healthy, and focused in on preventing sickness, we want to learn about more advanced therapies that may help slow down the aging process. We want to be an advocate for our health and longevity. We want to be proactive instead of reactive. We have no intention of taking that synthetic medicine only to mask symptoms that we may be experiencing. We want to understand why our bodies’ function the way they do and learn ways that we can help our bodies’ get back to achieving optimal balance and prevent the issue from recurring. We want to help our bodies’ function better, so that medical conditions do not develop. This is true functional and Integrative medicine. As functional medicine providers, we understand how amazingly complex and sophisticated our bodies are, and if we nurture them and place them in the right environment, that they can take care of themselves. Functional Medicine has Allopathic roots, which stem from Chinese herbalists, naturopathic physicians, and Osteopathic providers.

At R3 Health, we specialize in concierge Functional and Integrative Medicine, designed for the individual that wants to be informed about their body and question conventional medicine and their teachings. Our patients want to know why their body acts the way it does, and utilize natural-based therapies to help ensure that their body is balanced and performing tasks the way it should be, especially as we push our bodies to the limits.

Functional medicine appreciates true bodily homeostasis and knows that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms affect our overall health, well being, and longevity. It is for this reason, that functional medicine providers address all of these realms in our patients. We take the time to listen to our patients, as Dr. William Osler once said, “Listen to your patients, as they will tell you the diagnosis.” The functional medicine approach to healthcare utilizes more allopathic modalities to help people look, feel, and perform their best. Functional medicine providers get to know and understand our patient’s bodies, as we all are very uniquely designed. True health and wellness cannot be achieved without taking an individualized approach to health and healing, as we are all very different.

Our approach to patient care would rather use naturally occurring substances to help better balance our bodies’ natural homeostasis; rather than use a synthetic drug to mask the developed result of that same imbalance. This functional and preventative approach to medicine allows us to earlier identify cellular changes before the disease process begins. It is for that reason that we are able to utilize more natural, less invasive therapies to help restore balance to our bodies physiology and function.

We at R3 Health, specialize in helping athletes understands their bodies, and helping educate them on what they can do to not only help them recover and perform better, but to ensure optimal health, wellness, and longevity. R3  Health specializes in creating custom individualized wellness programs, which help anyone achieve their goals. We specialize in therapies that are natural based and Regenerative in Nature, preventing the need for invasive conventional medicine therapies.

Don’t be another member of a conventional medical practices reactive approach to healthcare! Get to truly know yourself, your body and what you can do, to focus in on prevention and true anti-aging! Take Action! See R3 Health to get a true understanding about your health & wellness, and lets work together to help you achieve your goals, ensuring optimal health, wellness, and functional longevity

Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™