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Many women experience little to no interest in sexual activity, few sexual thoughts or fantasies, disinterest in initiating sex, difficulty deriving pleasure from sex and a lack of pleasurable sensations when stimulated. However, losing your sexual verve is not an inevitable part of aging or a natural consequence of going through menopause. Menopause is a temporary biological process that is only a speed bump along life’s journey. It is not a convenient excuse for a woman’s decreased sexual desire.


The true obstacles to optimal health in women can be traced to other factors such as physical and emotional changes, including decreased estrogen or testosterone levels due to environmental contaminants, hormonal changes during or after pregnancy, deficiencies due to processed foods and poor dietary habits, disorders such as arthritis, diabetes, or coronary artery disease, exhaustion from a hectic lifestyle, side effects of certain medications, and a history of anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.


However, many of the symptoms of HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) can be alleviated with the Recharge Pill. This pill stimulates natural hormone balancing and induces a neurotransmitter “feel good” response in your body. It not only improves your libido and heightens your desire but also allows you to respond to sexual stimulation as nature intended. Even if you are currently satisfied with your sex life and don’t feel you have any problems in this regard, the Recharge Pill can elevate your experience and bring you to a level you may not have even known you could reach.


That’s why you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Recharge Pill for women and how it can maximize your sexual desire and performance. Why settle for “okay” sex when you can have “OMG” sex?


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The Pill: Sex 2.0


The Pill: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a real issue that affects many men. More than half of all men over 40 (52%) and over a quarter of all men under 40 (26%) currently suffer from ED. Unfortunately, only 25% of them seek treatment from their doctor. Although pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra and Cialis provide temporary relief, they have potential adverse side effects such as heart attack, and prosthetic solutions, like penile implants, require invasive surgery with risks of bleeding, infection, scar tissue formation, and mechanical failure. 

However, R3 Health has discovered a new, natural compound that restores a man’s virility without the potential side effects associated with traditional ED drugs.


This new compound contains sildenafil, a drug used to treat ED, but in a smaller dosage. What makes this solution effective is that it also contains a “secret ingredient,” oxytocin, a hormone that helps men overcome ED, stimulates their libido, and improves their overall sexual performance. This combined dynamic duo of sildenafil and oxytocin works great for men of all ages with ED or those who want better, longer-lasting sexual function. Best of all, the Pill costs much less than conventional Viagra and Cialis. 


For men grappling with sexual health issues, the cause can be traced to either poor blood flow to the penis or a hormonal problem known as “low-T,” or low testosterone. The Pill works to significantly improve sexual prowess by revitalizing the sex drive with oxytocin and enabling firm, long-lasting erections with sildenafil.


While the Pill is a great product that can enliven your sex life, men should also have their hormone panels examined to make sure their estrogen level is not high or that their testosterone level is optimal for their age. Hormones have a significant effect on sexual function.


The Pill is the latest innovation from R3 Health, which pioneers new, alternative healthcare solutions with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, individualized wellness programs, and cutting-edge treatments. R3 Health treats you with a whole-body approach to achieve optimal and balanced wellness to prevent chronic disease and manage the aging process. Addressing sexual health is part of that all-encompassing commitment. 


For more information about R3 Health’s sexual health support products, contact our office 561-331-2983.

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