Women: Put the Fireworks Back Into Your Sex Life

Women Sexual Wellness Boost: Little, if any, interest in sexual […]

Women Sexual Wellness Boost: Little, if any, interest in sexual activity

  • Few, if any, sexual thoughts or fantasies
  • A disinterest in initiating sex
  • Difficulty deriving pleasure from sex
  • A lack of pleasurable sensations when genitals are stimulated

But if you think losing your sexual verve is an inevitable part of aging or a natural consequence of going through your “changes,” think again.

There’s no reason why a woman cannot continue to have intense sexual pleasure well into post-menopausal maturity. Menopause is only a temporary biological process – a speed bump, so to speak – along life’s journey. It is also a convenient excuse for why you aren’t as “hot to trot” as when you were younger.

The true obstacles to optimal sexual health in women can be traced to other factors, including physical and emotional changes such as:

  • Decreased estrogen or testosterone levels due to environmental contaminants;
  • Hormonal changes during or after pregnancy;
  • Deficiencies due to processed foods and poor dietary habits;
  • Disorders such as arthritis, diabetes, or coronary artery disease;
  • Exhaustion from a hectic lifestyle;
  • Side effects of certain medications;
  • A history of anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.

However, many of the symptoms of HSDD can be alleviated with the Recharge Pill, which stimulates natural hormone balancing and induces a neurotransmitter “feel good” response to your body. It not only improves your libido and heightens your desire, but also allows you to respond to sexual stimulation as nature intended. Even if you are currently satisfied with your sex life and don’t feel you have any problems in this regard, the Recharge Pill can elevate your experience and bring you to a level you may not have even know you could reach.

Women Sex Boost: Why settle for “okay” sex when you can have OMG sex?

That’s why you owe it to yourself and your partner to learn more about the Recharge Pill for women and how it can maximize your sexual desire and performance.

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Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™