Healthcare personalized to meet your individual needs.

Medical Services

At R3 Health, we strive to help you achieve balanced health and wellness through whole-body medical techniques.

Integrative Medicine

Identify root causes of disease by understanding how your body’s biometrics and lifestyle influence your health.

Hormone Therapy

Our hormones affect countless body processes and are impacted by not only our age, but also our environment and lifestyle.

IV Therapy

Support your body’s micronutrient needs with our customizable drips, pushes, and injections.

Biomarker Testing

Following your body’s evolution
R3 Health Advanced Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

Adjustments to diet and lifestyle to better fit your body’s needs is essential for optimal health.

Sexual Wellness

Traditional enhancement methods made exceptional

Concierge Medical

Your healthcare whenever and wherever you need it.

Corporate Wellness

Enhance your team’s performance with wellness programs tailored to best meet your organization’s needs.

Restore Your Autonomy.

At R3 Health, we are dedicated to empowering our patient’s role in their wellness journey. For us, this process is about giving you the tools to make informed decisions about your healthcare and only moving forward with the suggestions that you feel will be the best for you. Request a call today or contact us at (561) 677-2894 to learn how our wellness community can support your health, lifestyle, and medical goals.

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