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Even though we know we should feel free to speak openly to our doctors and medical professionals, it can be tough. When sensitive topics like sexual wellness and health need to be addressed, patients are hesitant to talk and feel awkward looking for solutions that affect their intimate relationships. Let’s discuss Intimate Renewal Therapy (IRT) for men and women and why it is so effective.


Sexual wellness and health are vital to the well-being of a relationship with a partner. It is something that should never be ignored, especially when there are accessible treatment options available.

R3 Health offers help for those experiencing sex-related issues. In doing so, we assist men and women in increasing sexual desire, performance, satisfaction, and experiencing pain-free intercourse. This medically proven, safe, and effective advancement is made possible through a quick in-office treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It allows for a natural increase in sexual performance without the need for drugs or surgery, potentially lasting up to a year or more (individual results may vary).


PRP involves extracting blood from the patient’s arm, typically the same amount as a standard blood screening. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge at a high speed in our office, causing it to separate into layers. Stem cells and platelets (or growth proteins) are separated from red and white blood cells. By injecting the PRP formula back into the body, we can naturally release growth proteins into the affected area. For men, the PRP formula is injected into the penis, and for women, it is injected into the clitoris and upper vagina.


You might be wondering, “How does this work?” or “Won’t it hurt?” or “Why would I undergo this procedure for my penis/clitoris?” Others are ready to schedule an appointment today for Intimate Renewal Therapy (IRT) because they find sexual dissatisfaction or pain unbearable. Concerns about relationships and sexual satisfaction are paramount, and they want to learn more about this single-day treatment. Let’s delve further into what PRP is and who it can help.


PRP is the body’s natural regeneration process for replacing dying cells and regenerating damaged tissue. This procedure enables men to regain their sexual performance as if they were in their prime. Men no longer have to worry about having a poor or unsatisfying sex life. They will experience increased circulation, resulting in the ability to achieve and maintain longer-lasting erections with heightened sensation. Size is no longer a concern either because PRP can increase penis size. Men no longer have to worry about satisfying their partners as PRP can boost sexual stamina and reduce premature ejaculation.


In women, PRP works slightly differently. The injection helps to stimulate the sensory area of the clitoris and upper vagina. It assists women who have difficulty achieving orgasm in having longer and more satisfying releases. As women age or after childbirth, their vaginal walls produce less natural lubrication, leading to painful intercourse and vaginal dryness. PRP injections increase the production of natural lubrication and enhance sexual desire. Additionally, some women experience urinary incontinence due to childbirth and aging, which can be embarrassing during exercise, coughing, or sneezing. The natural PRP procedure reduces stress incontinence through natural healing and cell regeneration. There are no synthetic or medicinal components in the use of PRP.


Most patients can resume normal activities on the same day as the Intimate Renewal Therapy (IRT), including mild to moderate exercise and sexual activity. There is minimal downtime or pain following the treatment. However, it is worth noting that while results can be immediate, it may take several weeks to experience the full range of benefits.


We can always address any concerns or questions you may have about these exciting and cutting-edge procedures in the office. Improve your body and relationship with this natural and safe treatment. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today!

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