Did you know Botox is Natural?

We all hate aging! Are faces are typically one of […]

We all hate aging! Are faces are typically one of the first and easiest ways to tell our real age! Chronic exposure to sun, stress, and hormone Imbalance all affect how we look. One of the most widely used treatments is Botox, or a similar product. With age, we develop lines and wrinkles in our face because the muscles in our face become larger and “hypertrophied”, this causes the muscles to move in different directions, and cause the wrinkles and lines. Botox Injections are the number 1 most common Cosmetic procedure in the world! Everyone gets it, and if your friend tells you they don’t, they are probably lying!
But, did you know Botox and other similar products are Natural? That’s right!
Natural Botox is a byproduct of bacteria. It is something naturally found in nature. Just like a spider makes silk, certain organisms make Botox! Botox also comes in a powder, that we need to make into a solution that way it can be injected into the face/neck etc…. Which is why you always need to be careful when you go to see a provider for Botox, as some offices “water down” or dilute out their Botox, which makes it less effective and not last as long…… Also, be weary of groupon as this is where it tends to happen…
Botox gets a bad wrap because some offices to use it the right way or not all providers do not the proper ways to inject it. If prepared the right way, injected by a well trained professional, and not abused. Botox or similar Injections can be a safe, easy, painless, and NATURAL treatment to help us look younger!

Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™