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Natural Back Pain Therapies

Do you want Natural Pain Relief? Utilizing your body\’s natural healing powers to relieve pain that\’s slowing you down

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Cutting Edge Regenerative Medicine

Today, the leading cause of workplace disability is low back pain. Despite the availability of medications, therapies and surgical options, patients continue to suffer devastating pain that consumes every moment and can have not only a devastating effect on the individual but have consequences in the work environment as well as family life. In an attempt to tackle this problem along with the rising costs associated with healthcare, the government enacted the Affordable Care Act. But with its byzantine regulations, some healthcare providers have become frustrated and are turning to holistic therapies as a way of offering their patients long term solutions with the objective of rooting out the causes of the pain.

The fairly new field of Regenerative Medicine is aimed at replacing and/or repairing human cells, tissues or organs with the goal of restoring normal function.
One such regenerative therapy is using a patient’s stem cells found in bone marrow or birth tissue product/ exosomes from other healthy humans. This type of therapy stimulates the body’s own healing response. The mesenchymal stem cells and or cytokines are released into the local microenvironment and repair damaged tissue. This type of treatment is addressing the root causes by treating the inflammation and degeneration at the cellular level.

It is important to remember that chronic low back is rarely due to a single cause such as a herniated disc. While a degenerated disc may play a role, one has to also consider the role of distorted fascia and weak connective tissue. As a regenerative physician, I typically assess someone with back pain using a holistic approach. I review the patient’s history, conduct a physical exam and evaluate radiographic and laboratory data before determining the best course of treatment for the low back pain.

The administering of stem cells is done with oral sedation and under local anesthesia along with x-ray guidance. Most procedures can be done within an hour (approximate) but every patient and every patient’s needs may differ. The majority of patients report significant relief of their symptoms but more importantly overall improvement in function. While it may take up to six months to feel improvement; most notice significant benefits within several weeks.

Our goal at R3 Health is to optimize health using natural pain relief approaches.


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