Really Understanding Your Blood Tests!

Understanding your blood tests. In the world of Functional and […]

Understanding your blood tests. In the world of Functional and Integrative Medicine, we delve into the root cause of our problems rather than reactively treating a symptom with a synthetic medication. We specialize in preventative and prophylactic therapies that can utilize natural based modalities to help improve our body’s function and restore true homeostasis. With this, comes the need for far more advanced assessments. The type of assessment that we use in Functional medicine is far more comprehensive and all encompassing than your conventional physician will utilize. It is this broad analysis that allows us to identify, threats before they become threats and really get the complete representation of our body’s function.

The disease first starts to take place years before symptom manifestation. This is why, earlier and more frequent assessments should take place, especially in athletes. In the world of functional medicine, we look into factors and accesses your bodies function on a plethora of levels. We ask and delve into areas of your life, that you would never dream of. This is critical, especially when dealing with a healthy, more active patient. Our toolbox of useful testing parameters, allows us to truly analyze how our bodies function BEFORE the disease process begins to take place.

Conventionally trained physicians are taught a basic framework of assessments that look for indications that the disease is already going on. All too often we hear, “well my doctor said all my blood tests were fine”. This is because they are looking for “red Flag Indicators” and using very basic tests to make a generalization about your body. Conventionally trained physicians don’t listen to you as the patient, as thoroughly as they should be. Sir William Osler, once wrote, “listen to your patient, as they will tell you the diagnosis.” All too often, conventional medical providers place too much emphasis on blood tests, and body scans and not enough attention on what the patient is saying. Although testing is important, it is NOT the only means for accurate and full assessment!

When the time does come for further diagnostic assessment, functional medicine providers utilize a much more comprehensive battery of tests to help get the best understanding of the body. Rather than just looking at basic blood tests like glucose and cholesterol levels, white blood cell counts and vitamin b12 levels, we use things like hormones, anti-oxidants, heavy metals, inflammatory markers and many more to FULLY understand how your body functions. This principal becomes even more important in healthy, active individuals. Tests most conventionally trained physicians don’t even know exist are frequently utilized to help us connect your symptoms with the underlying root cause of those symptoms, thus in turn allowing us to help restore our bodies natural homeostasis.

Not only do functional medicine providers often order very different tests, but also our interpretations of even the same tests are very different! What your doctor tells you as “being normal and fine” may not truly be “normal and fine” often times, patients present with what we call sub-clinical findings, which may indicate early disease progression, although the lab does not deem the result to be “abnormal” Have you ever wondered why different lab companies have different “normal reference ranges”? This is because different labs utilize different standards and patient trial data to come up with their “normal reference ranges” often times your physician may consider anything within this “normal reference range” to be fine and not causing any problems; however, this could not be further from the truth!

The “normal” reference ranges that most health practitioners use to evaluate lab results are intended to assist in identifying and diagnosing disease states and do little to help one reach an “optimal” state of health. It is often necessary to not rely solely on what a blood test tells us or some body scan tells us, but a combination of subjective, objective and diagnostic findings. This is the approach of a functional medicine provider.

We at R3 Health, specialize in helping athletes understands their bodies, and helping educate them on what they can do to not only help them recover and perform better, but to ensure optimal health, wellness, and longevity. RenewU Medical specializes in creating custom individualized wellness programs, which help anyone achieve their goals. We specialize in therapies that are natural based and Regenerative in Nature, preventing the need for invasive conventional medicine therapies.

We in functional medicine really “practice medicine” as no one patient is ever the same! There is no one drug or vitamin, or therapy that applies to everyone. In order to achieve optimal results for our patients, we work hand-in-hand with our patients. There is no magic potion, or pill, or even natural supplement that can replace a cohesive team approach between you and your provider to help you get the best, long-term results. All too often, in conventional medicine, people look to their physicians for answers, when they should really be looking to their physicians for information, so the patient can find the solution. We at R3  Health want to work WITH you to help you look, feel, and be your very best!

Take Action! See R3 Health to get a true understanding about your health & wellness, and lets work together to help you achieve your goals, ensuring optimal health, wellness, and functional longevity

Written by Joseph Radich Joseph is a provider and founder of R3 Health™