Styku: The Future of Personal Fitness

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Are you tired of the old health paradigm? Counting calories, starting an exercise routine, and anxiously waiting for visible changes? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. For most people, the only way to gauge success is by the number on a scale. No wonder 60% of gym members never step foot inside. 

Without accountability and tools to track progress, it’s easy to get discouraged and burned out. Imagine how empowering it would be to embark on your wellness journey with a consultation and baseline measurements to monitor your progress toward your goals. That’s precisely what we offer at R3 Health!

Introducing Styku, a revolutionary 3D Body Scan that utilizes infrared light to accurately and safely measure your body composition. It’s like having a personal remote control. The Styku emits light, which bounces off your body and reflects back to the sensor tower. As you stand on the turntable, it slowly rotates, capturing a depth image and precise body measurements.

Gone are the days of awkwardly pinching your body to estimate fat content and calculate body density. That process is outdated, disheartening, and invasive. With a 3D Body Scan, you can view yourself objectively, gaining insights into your body composition, surface area, volumes, and ratios. These measurements can predict disease risks, body fat percentage, fitness levels, and how you compare within your age and gender group.

But here’s the best part: Styku is not just a one-time session. We encourage our members to leave behind the scale and tape measure and have an updated scan every month! We take that data, review your results, track your progress, and set new goals together.

We recognize that each of us has unique lifestyles, body types, and different definitions of what’s optimal for ourselves. Maybe you want to lose fat around your waist. Styku can precisely measure and compare the circumference and volume of specific regions on your body, allowing you to track your progress accurately. Whether you aim to shed fat, build muscle, or tone up, achieving increased bone density, improved body composition, and fat loss will fill you with confidence and excitement. With Styku, your wellness journey becomes enjoyable even before you’ve reached your desired inches or weight.

While Styku utilizes data from the World Health Organization to provide predictions on disease risk, it does not diagnose or treat diseases. Rest assured, the scanning process is non-invasive and safe for pregnant women or individuals with pacemakers. For optimal results, your Styku sessions should be complemented by a lifestyle that incorporates nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. Schedule your 3D Body Scan today and review your results with our clinical team by getting in touch with us.

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